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29 August 2008 @ 06:48 am
Well.. it's not like anyone thought Alaska would suddenly go blue anyway.

Where this gets really interesting though, our lt. governor is running for Congress against Young, which I mentioned before. They are still counting ballots, it's really close. Within 150 votes.

But how does being Mayor of a town with just over 6000 people, then a Governor for 2 years of a state with less then a million people in the whole state start to qualify you for vice president??

Don't get me wrong,she's been a good governor. (sneers at the anonymous person who said I shouldn't support her over Murkowski) She's done a lot for our state in that 2 years. But she also supports the Pebble Mine Project.

The news here is showing a definite bias. I've heard them say twice "Palin will be vice president." Uh.. sure. If we get the choice. Our electoral votes always go to the G.O.P., but it's not our choice. So please.. prove them wrong. Leave us our good governor, and give us a president who's not McCain.

But if for a minute, I thought I'd vote for Obama, it's not going to happen now, because it just won't matter. Palin's too popular here. So I'm voting for Nader.
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... * ...syntaxdarkness on August 29th, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
Gov. Palin will be eaten alive during the VP debates. It's going to like a pitbull vs a newborn kitty cat