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28 March 2009 @ 04:43 am
Wish I could show you..  
I miss this. I still read everyone, but I feel like if I have anything to say in here, the words are too hard to find. So I write long emails to Meleficent or to K instead.
Lately a lot of people I know are getting in touch with me, the internet makes it entirely too easy maybe.
A lot of them have found G-d in their quests for meaning and definition, and they want to spread the Good Word with me, or assume I've already found my way to the same point they are at. Good moral lives without promiscuity, without romantic love towards someone who's the same sex. Morality that's just a lot of mores that they want to inflict on the world. Rules determined by their prejudices or the prejudices of the religion and leaders they follow.
I have nothing to say to them. I can't convert them, and they can't convert me, but I get very very annoyed sometimes at their attempts, and rather then try to fruitlessly to explain yet again that as far as I'm concerned, anything between any number of consenting adults of any gender is not. my. business. I write long emails to friends. Too many years distant, too few things in common anymore.
You know how almost everyone has that one person they think of occasionally even if they don't want to? I thought of that person today. I wondered if he found the answers to his questions in religion. Is he a vegetarian Buddhist? Has he been born again? I tried various things on him in my mind. It's been so long, I'm sure we'd have nothing left to talk about either, except days gone by, and those days are done.
Other than the normal things that make up day to day living, that's constantly on my mind lately. Not the second part.. but the first. Religion and what people find in it, and how people manage the inherent contradictions in their beliefs, how that balance works. I ask sometimes, but when I do, the answers never make much sense even when old friends take it as a serious question and not an attack on their faith.
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